Company profile


KEIN NOODLES was established in 1987 and decided to expand its business in 2011 by shifting to new factory in Kajang that sits on a 99,800 sq foot land. The new factory is quipped with food processing machines of latest technology that produce instant noodles. With machines of the latest technology, KEIN NOODLES improved their food quality and increased the production volume to a new level.

New York


To be the market leader and innovator in the food manufacturing industry, providing products of the highest quality.


To be known locally and internationally as the noodle expert that not only manufacturers authentic Asian tastes, but fusion as well.


To provide high quality products at the most affordable price.


To upgrade and enhance our capabilities to meet current and future expectations.


To provide quality services and establish long term relationships with our customers.





We aim to provide a safe working environment for all our workers. A safe environment will not only ensure that well-being of all our staffs, but it will also help in the manufacturing of high quality instant noodles that are safe to consume.



We believe that food prepared the right way can provide for a very well-balanced meal. Our noodles are manufactured with the most stringent of quality which includes the right kind of ingredients used for a healthier selection.



Managing resources as well as utilizing the right technology can help us cut down on wastage. Hence we constantly aim at reducing wastage when preparing our products. Less wastage means more Kein Noodles Manufacturers for consumers.